People who are interested in selling things online are usually considering the options they have – opening an online store, selling things on eBay or other marketplaces etc. But, the place where you will sell goods is not the only important issue in this process. You also need to find the right product.
This is important because it will directly affect the number of sales and your profit.If you want to start an online store, but you are not sure what things to sell to make money online, follow these useful tips:


It’s completely irrelevant whether you want to sell small or big products and how much profit you can expect – the products you are interested in selling must be sellable over the Internet. In addition, you should look for products that you can market online.

2. Start selling things that are trendy

This looks easier said than done, but the truth is that it is not that hard to find what’s trending online. The internet allows you to conduct thorough research. Visit the most popular marketplaces and online store and check their offers. Many of them are actually highlighting their best-sellers. Computer software, cosmetics, clothing, furniture – these are some ideas to start with.

3. Sell things that lead to repeat purchases

Typically, we are talking about products that the buyer will probably order again once they are depleted. Obviously, this is not the case with a kitchen table or a lamp. But, things like clothes, computer inks, cosmetic products last for a few weeks or months and after that, the buyers are looking to buy new products or re-order the same products (from the same place).

4. Sell things that can result in upselling

Upselling is a sales method that sellers use to attract customers to purchase add-ons, extensions, and upgrades. The basic goal is to make people spend more money and boost the profit. For instance, if you are selling smartphones, you can offer smartphone protection covers or glasses.

5. Select products that won’t cause you any problems when it comes to shipping

Whenever you are looking for things to sell to make money online, you should think about the location of your clients. Obviously, if you are running an international site, you can get clients from any part of the world. However, are you able to ship the goods to any location? Is the product too big? Is it expensive to organize shipping like this? Do you know the price? Answer all these questions before adding some product to your offer.

6. Always check the trending products

Do you know what’s hot and what’s not? Many Internet users are going online to find fresh and trendy products. They want to have the latest models and versions. It might be a good idea to spend some time analyzing these products because focusing on these items can be very profitable. Remember that if you choose to follow this path, you will have to do research all the time which can be quite time-consuming.

7. Include a wide range of products in your offer

Only a small number of online stores are selling just one or two products. If you want to enjoy better profits, you should diversify your offer. Try to include a wide range of products in your offer. Obviously, it would be better to sell related products because starting an online marketplace with different compartments is usually too demanding for new online sellers.

These are just some of the tips that can help you start selling things online.