Whether trading offline or online Jewelry business opportunities have always been vast. This is because it is not a respecter of gender or age. It is therefore evident that if you have some pieces that you want to sell, you will never run out of buyers. People who specialize in selling jewelry do so either online, offline or both. With a nicely created site thanks to Jewelry website templates, one just set their first foot forward. And with the online demand in the increase these days, there is need to be equipped with some websites where one can sell jewelry online.

1.    Etsy

Not only is this site perfect for selling jewelry, but also other handmade goods. To start with, it is estimated to have approximately 30 million users world-over. This translates to both trust on the platform, and when you upload your products here, they are likely to be viewed by an extensive pool of buyers. To add on to the advantages is that you are not required to pay monthly fees for keeping your jewelry there.

2.    Bonanza

Bonanza is a Seattle-based company that encourages people to sell jewelry on their platform. It has both haunted (up to $85,000 piece jewelry) and non-haunted jewelry. With the site, storage and monthly fees are absolutely nix. It is also possible to import your jewelry listings from other sites like eBay and Etsy.

3.    eBay

If you thought that eBay is still that site where you’d only sell your junks and collectibles, then think again. eBay remains to be one of the best websites in the world to sell jewelry. The selling point of this site is that it allows one to post up to 50 products each month without monthly fees, plus you’ll only pay pennies per listing. When posting here, you rest assured that your jewelry will be viewed by a massive number of users, going to extremes of 160 million people.

4.    ArtFire

The website is headquartered in Tucson, and users are allowed to post ‘wanted’ advertisements to have their commodities, including jewelry commissioned. This site allows you to have up to 250 active listing and each listing cost pennies. Another selling point for ArtFire is that you will find no ads on either the shop or item pages.

5.    Zibbet

Sydney’s Zibbet is another site to post or share your jewelry listings from other sites like eBay and even social media sites. Here there is not as much competition as in other huge sites like eBay; therefore, buyers are likely to view your inventory. It allows one to have a custom domain and website to sell their list, where you pay a monthly fee for selling your products. The starter packager can have you sell up to 50 products a month.


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