If you sell eBooks online, you understand one thing, work, work, and work. It could be ill-advised to upload your ebooks or other products to e-commerce stores and idle around waiting to make your first sale. Though online eBooks business opportunities are vast, it takes weeks, months or sometimes years to make your first sale. However, this period could be much shorter had you told people about the ebook.

Before the internet came about, it used to be solely the work of publishers to edit, print, distribute and market books. Yours would only be to write, then sit back and wait for money to stream into your bank account. However, with the arrival of the internet, and the rise of self-publishing, all these tasks fall squarely on the writer. Nonetheless, this doesn’t have to be a daunting task as such, especially with the presence of social media, and getting equipped with the latest tips for doing social marketing.

1.    Ensure the ebook is social media friendly

The rule of thumb here is to get people talking about you and the ebook you want to sell. Have the links to your site or social media in your ebook, to allow people to like the book there, and consequently follow you on twitter. This always helps you in establishing a relationship with your networks, where you can interact with them. If you interact more with them, they will, in turn, promote the ebook. Be sure to include your social media details and your author biography at the end of the ebook.

2.    Talk about your book on Facebook

Promote the book on Facebook and get it selling. Create a page for it. Despite arguments that a page is likely to split your audience, the book page is likely to go viral as compared to a business. Once it generates thrill, you are likely to have more activity on that page. Also, readers tend to add it to their favorite book’s list, which means an automatic like for your book page.

Hosting a contest would be another step. Give your audience a chance to win the book as this gets them to talk about the ebook and further marketing it.

3.    Stick to the niche networks

Enroll your book in different forums that are in line with your ebook. LinkedIn and Pinterest are considered the best places to promote it. On LinkedIn, be sure to add a publication section on your profile, and then add the book there. Next, make a readers’ discussion group for the book and name it as part of your summary.

Finally, create your website and customize it well. There are many eBook websites templates, and choosing the best one and create a site out of it could be helpful, and can get you started in this ebook selling business.


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